JAINA, in partnership with the South Asian Heart Center, is offering an evidence-based lifestyle program for Jains - the JAINA Wellness for Life or JWell program. JWell offers actionable steps for sustained health improvement and disease prevention. JWell is:

  • A wellness platform for Jain organizations
  • A wellness program for organization members
  • Championed by leads from local Jain ogranizations
  • JWell is NOT a substitute or replacement for routine medical management by healthcare providers.

    JWell is an unique approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and healthy living over disease prevention.

    The goal of JWell is to raise awareness for the health epidemics affecting the Jain community through implementing education on the importance of lifestyle changes and provide practical, personalized and culturally appropriate tips on, exercise, diet and stress management.

    The JWell website offers plenty of resources to support the program participants and health guides in starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    For questions regarding the website, please contact us here

    The JWell Team

    JWell Leadership Team

    Dr. Nitin Shah
    Dr. Manoj Jain
    Mr. Manu Shah
    Ms. Jayana Shah

    JWell Champions

    Physicians, Outreach Coordinators, Lifestyle Experts, Coaches

    South Asian Heart Center - Support Team

    Tulsi Modi - Clinical Programs
    Sujatha Suresh - Outreach
    Vijaya Deo, RD - Nutrition
    Meena Kakani - Administration
    Priya Dharan - Marketing
    Anita Sathe - Training/Research

    Ashish Mathur - Executive Director
    Dr. Cesar Molina - Medical Director