JAINA is offering an evidence-based lifestyle program for Jains. JWell offers actionable steps for sustained health improvement and disease prevention. Learn more about the South Asian Heart Center's proven, lifestyle based approach to preventing diabetes and heart attacks. The goal of JWell is to raise awareness for the health epidemics affecting the Jain community through implementing education on the importance of lifestyle changes and provide practical, personalized and culturally appropriate tips on, exercise, diet and stress management. Visit South Asian Heart Center to learn more.

Phase 1: Health Evaluation

  • Health and lifestyle risk evaluation
  • Biometrics: Blood pressure, Body mass index
  • Review of health report, and lifestyle plan for risk reduction

Phase 2: Lifestyle Education

  • Nutrition workshop with dietitian
  • Exercise orientation with physical trainer
  • Meditation, sleep, emotional well-being & yoga (as available)

Phase 3: Coaching

  • Designated personal health coach for 1-year
  • Monthly interactions to facilitate lifestyle plan
  • Confirm annual physical/medication compliance

WHAT YOU PAY: $9.00/Month, for 1 year